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Cookies Policy

This website has been hastily put together as a response to the Corona Virus (Covid-19), as such there hasn't been time to fully prepare an encompassing Cookies Policy.

However, it can be confirmed that the website has not been developed with the integration of cookies. However, third party services have been used and can be described as follows:

Font Awesome

We use Font Awesome’s content delivery network to load icons, Font Awesome collects data about what icon files you download and when.

Font Awesome uses data about how you use Font Awesome content delivery networks to:

  • optimise the content delivery networks, so website visitors can download files quickly
  • diagnose and debug technical errors
  • defend the content delivery networks from abuse and technical attacks
  • calculate fees for Font Awesome Pro customers
  • compile statistics on icon popularity
  • compile statistics on the kinds of software and computers visitors use
  • Font Awesome usually stores data about how you use content delivery networks in identifiable form for just a few weeks. In special circumstances, like extended investigations about technical attacks, Font Awesome may preserve log data longer, for analysis. Font Awesome stores aggregate statistics about use of content delivery networks indefinitely, but those statistics don’t include data identifiable to you personally.

If you have any questions regarding our cookie usage then please direct your enquiries to